Metal-doped plastics as hydrogen storage devices?

More efficient hydrogen storage in solids developed

Hydrogen would be a very environmentally friendly fuel for fuel cells or even normal gasoline engine technology. However, the hydrogen car so far fails in practice on two points: the production and storage of hydrogen, the latter in particular in the vehicle itself. But more effective gas storage could soon be available.

Hydrogen cannot easily be locked into a normal gas tank: it has the smallest molecules of any gas and, unlike more complex hydrocarbons such as butane or propane, or heavier gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, diffuses through the tank walls, whether they are made of metal or plastic. The storage capacity is also limited: at correspondingly high prere, the "shrinkage" through the tank walls becomes too strong.

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Israeli government does not want to accept syrian refugees

Not even a few refugees should enter the country as a symbolic gesture, as opposition politicians demanded, but israel is now also building a wall on the border with jordan

Syria’s neighboring countries have taken in many refugees. Lebanon is home to more than 1.3 million registered refugees, mainly from syria, and is likely to have more than 1.5 million people. Unhcr estimates that by the end of the year, there will be nearly 2 million people – in a country with a population of about 6 million. In turkey, too, the number of syrian refugees is expected to grow from more than 1.5 million now to 1.7 million by year’s end. In jordan, the number is expected to increase from 750.000 to more than 900.000 increase.

Syrians have also fled to iraq; unhcr currently estimates that more than 100 syrians have fled to iraq.000, but there are between 1.5 to 4 million internally displaced people there alone, many iraqis have left the country, about 2 million since 2006. In addition to the syrians who have been cursed out of the country, there are 6.5 million internally displaced persons, many of whom have also been able to try to get out of the country.

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Alphabet sales and profit shrink, but growth off the advertisement

Alphabet sales and profit shrink, but growth off the advertisement

"The macroocomic environment triggered by the pandemic has brought counterwind to our project", reported alphabet boss sundar pichai thursday evening, "our turnover is raised." namely by two percent to 38.3 billion us dollars. This has never been such a thing in history alphabets. In parallel, the operating profit of the second quarter to $ 6.4 billion, which returned net profit to seven billion dollars. This is a minus of 30 percent towards the second quarter of the previous year.

Although consumers had now started to spend money, "but of course the economic environment remains fragile", constated pichai the obvious. Away from the advertising experiment has alphabet "strong growth, especially in the areas of google cloud, google play and youtube subscriptions." youtube increased his advertising revenue by six percent to 3.8 billion dollars, as evidenced by thursday night, revealed quarterly numbers. Overall, however, the advertising revenue of the alphabet subsidiary google and youtube dropped by eight percent to 29.9 billion.

Google’s cloud services increased its sales by 43 percent to three billion dollars, while other google revenues have grown by a good quarter to 5.1 billion. Google’s operating profit has fallen by more than a quarter to $ 7.6 billion. Revenues of the other alphabet subsidiary continues to play a significant role. Their operating losses increased by more than one eighth to 1.1 billion dollars.

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Layout: federal police should chats of schlusern waiting watch

Layout: Federal Police Should Chats of Schlusern Waiting Watch

Union and spd want to set up their draft for the new federal police law for the first time on friday in the bundestag for the first time. About the design presented by the german press agency, the coalition had quarried for several years. He allows the federal police to provide the source telecommunications monitoring, ie monitoring of locked communication. However, this authority is tabled for conditions and disproportions to certain traps in which it is above all "life danger smuggling or trafficking" goes. Applicable here are, for example, scenarios where international smuggling migrants are smuggling migrants in uncomited containers or kuhlettern over the border.

Federal police should be "unauthorized stay" follow thirst

The federal police should also be pleased with law enforcement "unauthorized stay" can perform in germany yourself. It also receives the permission to take place in the case of executable leaving foreigners by means of a potential deportation – aming that these are encountered in the task area of the federal police (ie, for example, in the border area or by train).

An argument that federal police prasident dieter romann had caught in the debate on this new power is the case of the christmas market attentate anis amri. He had totated in berlin in december 2016 in berlin zwolf’s people. The islamist danger of tunisia was controlled in july 2016 with folded papers on a bus station in friedrichshafen by the federal police. After contact with the for amri then stated at his place of residence in north rhine-westphalia, the rejected asylum seeker was ultimately not taken in deportation.

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Facebook employees should not return to us buros before january

Facebook employees should not return to US Buros before January

Actually, first employees of facebook in the united states should return from the pandemous home office in the us from september, then under certain conditions such as a vaccine against the coronavirus. Now facebook has conceded the appointment. The staff should now stay away from the buros. Ruupted is to be made at the latest in january 2022.

Continue home office

As bloomberg reported on thursday, facebook has decided on this step because the number of covid-19 infections by the delta variant racant. Tracy clayton, spokeswoman on facebook said: "in view of the youngest health data, the rising covid trap, based on the delta variant, show our teams in the us only in january 2022 to return to buro." she fugged that facebook also expect this to be based on other countries outside the usa. You observe the situation and work together with experts on a plan for the juxtapy in the buros. The security of the workforce takes precedence.

Originally, 50 percent of facebook employees should work back into the buros in september and no longer from home. From october, further employees should then start and start the complete control mode. Prerequisite for this should be a complete vaccine of the employees. In addition, you should wear masks in certain areas of the buro-building masks.

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L + f: erresser lock genitals

The source code of the ransomware chastitylock is jellact. The special feature of the malware is that the errrengstrojan no data is cast to demand loserge, but penisse captures.

The target object of the harmful code is the penisafig cellmate of the company qiui. The electronic chastity belts can be extended and opened on an app. This usually takes over the sexual partner. In this case, however, erupting the control.

The victim can not do anything at first moment. The attackers push a blackmail message into the appropriate app and for unlocking 0.02 bitcoin (currently around 630 euros). Security researchers of security report are to be reported and have written a report.

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Beijing opposes german car export

Beijing opposes german car export

Another escalation of the commercial conflict between the us and china was able to significantly burden the german autocon centers after consulting firm consultants. Not only importing cells of us prasident donald trump on european cars had serious consequences, emerges from an analysis of the strategy consulting boston consulting group. In the short term, the us chinese trade dispute was the big risk for the industry.

"The german manufacturers export from their coarse works in america to china. For example, beijing on us exports were also the german corporations meeting, "said nikolaus lang, car expert at bcg in munchen. Swiss china and the us high, drrew a negative spiral of the german manufacturers.

According to the study, imports from european cars to the usa 2018 increased to the value of 34 billion dollars – almost twice as much as 2013 (18 billion dollars). The german car industry came to a share of almost 45 percent with exports of 15 billion dollars. The americans exported only relatively few and favorable cars. The value of their exports to the eu is $ 3 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of $ 31 billion at the expense of the usa.

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Apple’s high-end headhortry airpods max opened: teardown with surprises

Apple's high-end headhortry airpods max opened: Teardown with surprises

Ifixit has performed a first detailed teardown of apple’s new high-end headhortry. The uber 600 euro expensive bugel-headhorter airpods max – which was expected to be expected at the iphone manufacturer – not easily access.

"Added confusing" airpods max

The process of opening the airpods max "easy confused and overcoming" have been writing the repair specialists. It is a one "withdrawal confusing pair of headhorters". This is how apple has once again installed a lot of glue that has to be smucked with a warm pistol to listen. Other components are modular, have extremely many screws.

The battery capacity is 664 mah at 2.54 watt hours and 4.35 volts. This is more than boses nc 700 with 2.39 watt hours. Sony’s popular wh-1000xm4, thanks to 4.1 wattnunds, create a longest hordada of 30 hours. Built-in, of course, a motherboard – more precisely two in every ear mussel.

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Unique sportscars calavera: ferrari with skull

Unique sportscars calavera: ferrari with skull

Nurberg, 18. May 2009 – under the name "calavera", spanish for skull, the designsmith unique sportscars together with the ferrari tuner novitec rosso introduces a special kind f430.

Limited edition

The term "calavera" should be a future namesake for a variety of design ideas. The beginning is a limited to eleven vehicles ferrari f430, which was designed by the airbrush artist knud tiroch. Tiroch has already worked for the cult band zz top and arnold schwarzenegger. In the case of the f430, the body and the interior were optically refined.

More individuality

In addition to the optical touch, unique sportscars involves individual customer cunning, so that the production of a calavera model can last three months. Already from the house there is on the tuner daytime running lights and a motion lighting on the way. In the interior you can find embroidered seats and a prolonged center console that offers space for an ipod.

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Beijing: bmw concept gran coupe

Beijing: bmw concept gran coupe

Beijing, 26. April 2010 – bmw, of course, does not just want to introduce a counter-draft to the new cls, even if you could suspect this suspicion. During mercedes on the car china in beijing (25. April to 2. May 2010) there is a view of the new cls, stands on the bmw booth status concept gran coupe. The difference in bmw words: as "first german premium manufacturer" show the vision of a four-star vehicle that the exclusivity of a gran turismo and the fascination of a high­performance­sports car united in itself.

5s in sports

Visually, the vehicle is strongly reminiscent of the study concept cs from 2007, but it was not realized. Now bmw sees the time for a fourth luxury coupe. The car with the elegant proportions serves the platform of the new 5er series. On a total vehicle length of just five meters dominate at the concept gran coupe flebend lines. The front area is represented by the brand-typical bmw kidney, the wide and flat down. The center range with the kidney is formally separated from the led headlights and the air instrument. These are extremely far in the side area and make the front area particularly wide.

"Pre-constructed dynamics"

The coupe is just under 1.40 meters high, about 10 centimeters flatter than the 5s sedan. The gentle roof line outgoing the rear stretches the vehicle proportions additionally. The bustard vehicle nose opens the bonnet visually and creates a manner according to the manufacturer "pre-constructed dynamics". The stretched character is also underlined by the line carrying in the side, which consciously renounces a typical sillline line.

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